Delphi "killed" by VB6? WTF?

Well, I read in TWM's blog that Delphi is listed in the 12 languages that never took off.

Since I can't comment on either page, I decided to comment in my blog...

I can only say one thing: that article reminds one of the languages mentioned in it (the one that starts with brain...); that article is surely someone's brain fart!

Saying that VB6 killed Delphi and showing a stupid piece of partial code as if it's a "hello world" program???

And for those that would accuse me of attacking that article because I'm a Delphi fan-boy: just read my blogs here and you'll know that I'm everything but a fan-boy!

But I also don't like to see some moron (sorry, but can't help to use that word), say such things about Delphi.

Is that guy getting paid from MSFT or something? Or is he just a dumb arse?


I've since gone to digg.com and checked out who blogged about that digg among other things: it turns out that my impression that digg was just full of meaningless trash is correct! Of those that "blogged" about that digg, nearly all are non-related commercial sites of some sort that are probably just using some robot-like technology to crank up their site in the listings!

Now, I already thought that digg was a waste of time but now I know for sure that it is really a waste of time! At least that dumb article had some usefulness! :)


Anonymous said...

You have to admit that this is the best joke ever.

Fernando Madruga said...

Yep, even if it is a distasteful one! :)

Xepol said...

While his reasons for the decline of Delphi are wrong, the fact that the Delphi has seen better days is undeniable.

Unfortunately, thanks to wide spread pascal prejudice, Delphi was never popular. Borland's constant mismanagment, near constant campaign of customer alienation, lack of direction, leadership and repeated shipments of subpar products has drove away all but the hardcode fans of the language and prevented any serious adoption by new prospective customers.

In spite of the fact that it has been spun out to CodeGear as a subsidiary and there have been some definite quality improvements, there is still a lack of strong leadership, vision and innovation.

While there is an attempt to bring to product up to where it should have been 2 years ago, it won't arrive for at least another 18 months leading many of the faithful to wonder if even that isn't going to be too little too late.

CodeGear continues to pretend that C# isn't a competitor, but with the father of Delphi working hard at work on ever newer language features for C#, perhaps their greatest hope for non-failure is that the predjuice against Microsoft buying them will finally be dropped and that MS still thinks it is worth buying.

Anonymous said...

yeah right, VB6!

That's the funniest thing I have ever read.

Delphi the only true competitor is C#, created by the same guy

Anonymous said...

Having started working with C#, I can say that Delphi doesn't even compete. Borland/Codegear are still on .NET 1.1!

Anonymous said...

There's an old saying:

Take place on the riverbank and wait. Soon, you'll see the corpse of your enemy going with the flow...

Anonymous said...

How much does one get paid for a thoughtless assassination screed like this article?

Anonymous said...

The only thing VB6 lead the demise of was VB5..

Delphi has seen slightly better days for win32, and if MS continue with their idea of dropping win32 development I can see it on the increase again, delphi .net was weak and I guess will always be walking in MS's shadow, but, vb6 killing off delphi??? possibly only coz vb developers are cheap to hire as pretty much anyone can code in vb