Even slimmer Delphi for Win32 2007

Slim Following on previous posts, I decided to remove the Windows SDK documentation from my Delphi 2007 installation. The main drive was for the added space: with those 250 MB less I would be able to fit the whole C: into a compressed ghost image file with less than 2 GB and that's with Windows XP SP2 + Office 2003 + Delphi 2007 + quite a few more programs and updates.

Why is it so important to be < 2GB? Because I can easily upload that single file to any FTP server without worrying about the server or client being unable to FTP files bigger than 2GB; because I can copy that to any disk partition/external drive without worrying about the 2GB FAT 32 limit; because it's a single file to keep track of, without risking to have no backup at all just because somehow one of the multi-part files didn't get copied for whatever reason and finally, because I can now fit the file into a 2 GB usb flash drive.

So, rather than just delete the files, I decided to check out the Help registration files and modify them as well. I needed to modify 3 files: h2reg.ini, Master.HxT and RADStudioFilter.xml (get all 3 from here).

What did I gain?

  1. 250 MB less of disk space;
  2. Going from 14 to 4 seconds on the first help call of each session;
  3. Getting less extraneous results;
  4. Being able to now fit my whole C: drive onto a single < 2GB file.

What did I loose?

  1. Basically, the Dinkumware, C++, Delphi.NET and Windows Platform SDK help.

Of these, the most "troublesome" will be the PSDK, but that can be easily accessed online directly from MSDN Library, and has the advantage of being more up to date...

How did I do it:

  1. Go into your "%ProgramFiles%\CodeGear\RAD Studio\5.0\Help\Doc" folder;
  2. h2reg -u
  3. copy the supplied files over the ones with the same name there;
  4. h2reg -r (or run the install_and_view.cmd file that is already there)

Now you can delete the PSDK and Dinkumware folders.

If you want to "play safe", backup the whole DOC folder to a CD or external drive, should you want to go back. To undo, h2reg -u, replace the folder, run the install_and_view.cmd.

BTW: disregarding the .NET pre-reqs, Delphi 2007 for Win32 uses around 400 MB of my disk space now, which is just about right for me!


Anonymous said...

Excellent! This addressed two of my main peeves with the Help. Slow loading, and having to weed through all the detritus to locate the Delphi stuff

Anonymous said...

Works like a charm!

Steven said...

can you zip the three files needed and host them on another site? The one from the blog message isn't working (domain expired). Thanks!

Fernando Madruga said...

@Steven: done. Please re-check the article for the updated link.

Steven said...

Fernando, I've just noticed that you are from Portugal and so am I (Porto). Nice to see other Delphi programmers from our great little Country. Abra├žo.

Samir said...

Thanks, thanks and thanks again very much! I couldn't find h2reg.ini file until I found your blog.