CodeGear Replays: not entirely their fault... :)

Well, after my previous post, and after some comment left in by a reader, I decided to "bug" Anders (not knowing he's on vacation!), and it appears that the problem with the video not skipping to where you try to skip is Camtasia's fault... Having tried Camtasia in the past, and seeing how many "helper" files it generates and all of them including the video duration, I would expect it to be able to do something as simple as positioning the video cursor somewhere where the video has already streamed (you can tell by the bar color, gradually filling with a lighter gray where it has already streamed).

It appears that instead, you have to wait until the whole video has finished streaming before you can reliably position the video playback cursor somewhere! I just browsed some of their own videos and noticed that they too suffer from the same problem so it does not look like it's CodeGear to blame on this one! :)

On the plus side, Anders also said he might be looking at making the download links available after returning from his vacation next week...

For now, you can start the playback of any video, pause it (if you don't want to be listening to it while it streams), and when the progress bar has completely filled light gray, you can then position the playback cursor wherever you want and use that as a quick way to skip past content that you want to, well, skip! :)

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