CodeGear: All customers are equal but some are (no longer) more equal than others

For those who missed a small subtlety with the latest Delphi 2007 update, there is now an ISO available for download from the registered users area!

It's a 4.16 GB file and after a couple small problems I finally managed to download it. Just beware that, using the FTP link, it will incorrectly show as only 160 or so MB file but it seems to download the whole file anyway. In the end, I had to use the Borland Download Manager and I'd recommend you to do the same because continuing the FTP download will fail due to the incorrectly displayed size should you run into any network problem during the download.

As usual, I'll be doing some installations/tests/updates and I'll blog a bit about it later!

For now, and even before installing, I'd like to publicly thank CodeGear for two things: making the ISO available to all customers and having an option to delete the cache. Now, if only they added a way to not use that cache at all and instead use the DVD or downloaded cache instead, now that finally would be a decent installer!

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