Easier to browse list of incoming Fixes in Delphi 2007

That's what one gets to do when having a few minutes left: not enough to do some coding, but enough to do some text find/replace and blog about it! :) I did it for myself, but maybe others will find this useful too as it's far easier to browse than the full QC post here... For the more curious, just took some 10 minutes or so to manually process that list using UltraEdit: then a couple more to paste it in excel to find a couple exceptions missed and fix them, then copy/paste them into Windows Live Writer after going through UltraEdit again to add some table formating code... (List sorted by Area then Description)

[EDIT: added links for valid QC reports]

[EDIT 2: I'm still fighting with blogger to get it to re-display the table properly without placing so much empty space between the text and the table!]

[EDIT 3: Found the problem: apparently blogger doesn't like it when I paste back some HTML with extra CR/LFs as I used to make each table row in it's own line; removed all CR/LFs, pasted back and it's working again!]

QC#AreaShort Description
42627ActiveX->IDE->Implementation file management TLB is not renamed if project that contains a TLB is renamed using save as.
40156Compatibility->Previous -> Current Custom Action developed in Delphi 7 blocks BDS2006 when form viewed
44731Compiler dcc32.exe reports E2029 error incorrectly
34298Compiler->Delphi Compiler allows *static* class methods to be passed as value of method pointer variable.
45896Compiler->Delphi Compiler generates internal error on compiling attached project
41751Compiler->Delphi->Code Generation/Optimization Property with inlined function and Data type conversion produces wrong code
41285Compiler->Delphi->Code Generation/Optimization using self in a class method of a class helper causes an av
32786Compiler->Delphi->Errors - Warnings BTInner class cannot get access to strict protected virtual method of outer class
43943Compiler->Delphi->Interaction with UI IDE disappears when opening D7 forms.pas
45336Compiler->Delphi->Language->Overloading cannot implicitly cast records to Float type
22878Database InterBase Blob output params of StoredProcs truncated in D2006
42824Database->DBExpress->TSQLConnectionDBX4 TSQLConnection Memory Leak and Debugger Fault Notification
42673Database->DBExpress->TSQLConnection Memory leak in TSQLConnection.Open
45565Database->dbExpressCore Create constructor of DBXDynalink.DBXDriverLoader or of third party driver never called
43141Database->dbExpressCore mixing DBX3 and DBX4 drivers leads to crash in IDE and code
43125Debugger->Evaluator->Delphi Default display for PChars is "Character"
34555Debugger->Multi-process cannot switch the active project when a process is being debugged
38658Debugger->Stepping using f7 to step into a method causes bds to lockup with 100% cpu use
42423Documentation Help for TStream.Seek is incorrect
21202Documentation Missing Help for AlignWithMargin
44320Documentation Unable to overload shift operators
16261Documentation->IDE Help Contexts Component | Import Type Library missing
39516Documentation->IDE Help Contexts Help missing for TDBGrid.Anchor properties
39517Documentation->IDE Help Contexts Help missing for TDBGrid.Constraints
39857Documentation->IDE Help Contexts Help missing for the following TDBGrid.TitleFont properties
39856Documentation->IDE Help Contexts Help topic missing for the following TDBGrid.Style properties
27348Documentation->IDE Help Contexts TCustomListView.TopItem Property help file has conflicting instructions
13801Documentation->IDE Help Contexts There is no context sensitive help for the EllipsisPosition property on a TLabel
31928Documentation->Online Help Clipped Help re: dynamic arrays
9957Documentation->Online Help Many VCL indexed properties documented incorrect
20522Documentation->Online Help TControl.Margins help topic not helpful
39569Documentation->Online Help->Main help AllocMem function is not present in Online Help
30552Documentation->Online Help->Main help Help for the TEventStatus Enum Has Duplicated Text
34061Documentation->Online Help->Object Pascalincomplete list of fundamental types
36354Documentation->Online Help->Object Pascal Delphi help doesn't say about Iterators for interfaces, but feature is implemented.
34676Documentation->Online Help->Object Pascal Delphi help doesn't say about Iterators for records, but feature is implemented.
39761Documentation->Online Help->Object Pascal Links in Ceil, Floor, and Trunc help don't work.
42767Documentation->Online Help->Object Pascal Warning/error confusion in FOR and FOR IN documentation
38647Documentation->Online Help->VCL TCheckBox does not fire OnKeyDown for arrow keys, as help suggests
33417Documentation->Online Help->VCL TCollectionItem.Create is not described as virtual
38801Documentation->Online Help->VCL THandleObject.WaitFor is not documented
42285Documentation->Online Help->VCL The documentation for TMenuItem.Hint Property is incorrect.
43092IDE BDS does not show on Task Manager applications listSB: XP only
43477IDE editor or welcome page has incorrect size after maximize, minimize and restore
32650IDE IDE Exception dialog: Call stack should be included with copy to clipboard
33315IDE->Code Browsing ctrl+shift+up/down command doesn't work in some classes with nested types.
40744IDE->Code Editor Caret positioned one character further left of compiler error position
44894IDE->Code Editor->Error Insight Delphi 2007 IDE suddenly disappears while typing
43597IDE->Code Editor->Help Insight Help insight 'Object reference not set' errors with dotted filenames on search path
42808IDE->Code Templates Automated Incident Report
32108IDE->Desktop Layouts Resizing maximized editor window causes erratic behaviour
43130IDE->Desktop Layouts Under undocked mode the main Delphi window is improperly sized after a minimize/restore
40821IDE->Dialogs Confirmation dialog to add BPL path to the PATH environment variable is wrongly translated
43097IDE->Dialogs Text display problems on Tools->Options
44770IDE->Dialogs->Project Options Linker output option resets after closing & reopening project
42948IDE->Dialogs->Project Options Record Field Alignment Option not saved
40074IDE->Dialogs->Project Options should remove "Windows Forms designer" from the Tools | Options dialog
42338IDE->File Handling When using Ctrl+Enter in the code editor to open a file, the IDE is not able to open an INC file
41681IDE->Form Designer Minimising D2007 whilst in undocked mode leaves forms visible
41917IDE->Help DEXPLORE.EXE not closed upon exit
42640IDE->Help Garbled characters within a help topics selection dialog
42237IDE->Help Help by F1 Doesn't work at all in object inspector for Modelling projects!!!
219029IDE->History Viewwhen project is reopen, on History view, code pane ( bottom pane ) is grayed out
41079IDE->Memory Issues using safemm, changing selected unit in the ide causes a read-AV
43475IDE->Project Management Automatic conversion of .bdsproj to .dproj fails to convert $Z (DCC_MinimumEnumSize)
44777IDE->Project Management Child forms are not recreated together with the main form when MainFormOnTaskbar is True
43569IDE->Project Management Environment variables not expanded/recognized at compile time.
43052IDE->Project Management Switching between Debug and Release doesn't cause a recompile when project is run
21953IDE->ToDoList Priority information in To-Do List is lost
42529IDE->Tool Palette Icon scrambling and unpredictible error messages in palette.
43021IDE->Unit Testing->Test Case Wizard Catastrophic failure when creating unit test
45149IDE->Unit Testing->Test Case Wizard No task bar entity for test case app
40818Install Delphi does not work without installing Database Features
42602Install EPackageRegistrationException in module sanctuarylib.dll
44514Install->Files Enterprise instead of Professional in field ProductName in the version info resource of bds.exe of the Professional edition
44662Install->Files TeePrevi.dfm is missing in ->lib
42247Install->Registry settings Package load errors on startup when de-selecting some internet packages
42403International->Truncation [STRING CORRUPTION]First phrase in installer is too long in French
43114Internet->Indy Default browsing path for Indy is incorrect
43986Midas->TClientDataSet Blob fields truncated in TClientDataSet
22253Modeling->IDE Integration Added units do not show up in model view
21228Modeling->Printing Overview in documentation generation is just a black box
3910RTL->Delphi->Other RTL AccessViolation in TBucketList and TObjectBucketList DeleteItem
45532RTL->Delphi->Other RTL Bug in ObjAuto.pas affects CreateMethodPointer functionality
43199RTL->Delphi->WinAPI HelpShowTableOfContents gives error 'Unable to find a Table of Contents.'
38342SOAP->WSDL Importer WSDL Importer renames "name" to "name_"
37537VCL Form.ScreenSnap handling is wrong if Windows Taskbar is docked to left or top of the screen
43331VCL Taskbar button is duplicated when restarting Explorer.exe
45745VCL Vista Modal Dialog flashing broken in Update Patch
36283VCL->Additional Controls->Action Bar Controls TCustomizeDlg is not localized
43334VCL->Core VCL Classes IDE keeps focus if project MainFormOnTaskBar is False
46202VCL->Core VCL Classes->TApplication Application.BringToFront not working as expected
44910VCL->Core VCL Classes->TApplication BDS 2006 compiled applications do not get their taskbar button selected on startup with the latest vcl bpl files for Delphi 2007
42374VCL->Core VCL Classes->TApplication Hiding main form changes the caption of the task bar icon
43007VCL->Core VCL Classes->TApplication Wrong taskbar focus behaviour in IDE
43984VCL->Core VCL Classes->TForm Application set to start minimized will behave erratically if MainFormOnTaskbar := True for non-Vista Windows
43333VCL->Core VCL Classes->TWinControl A control whose parent's FShowing is false will not hide
44401VCL->Dialog Controls Open and Save dialogs don't return FilterIndex under Vista
46134VCL->Dialog Controls->TOpenDialog TOpenDialog under Vista Breaks doShareAware
42610VCL->Graphics gifimg unit might display modal error dialog in initialization
42867VCL->Win 32 Controls->TImageList Image list never grows its internal bitmap

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