Developing Office Add-ins the Easy Way - Part 3 of 2 (AKA: Yes, I do know how to count!)

Well, even though it's probably not the best use for my time judging from the overwhelming feedback I got on the previous 2 parts, it also doesn't take me that long to write this 3rd part of 2 so I'll do it anyway! :)

I've fixed most (all?) of the blogger screw-ups with the formatting of my post and some incorrect color coding from using Steve Trefethen's Syntax Highliting page, and now I decided to add a couple files for easier download. Here you can find the zip file with nothing but the source code and the Extended Mapi units, and here you can find a nice setup made with InnoSetup in a few minutes that will install the compiled add-in, register it, create a source subfolder with the source code in it and allow you to uninstall all this at any time should you want to. Just remember that you need to restart Outlook to have it acknowledge the newly installed add-in.

Because I know that Blogger will again mess up my formating, I'm instead placing here a prt-scr of the InnoSetup script used for creating the installer: most of it was done through the wizard...


On a different note, Part 3 of Delphi in a Radical Build will be postponed for a while: my available time has dropped considerably and whenever I pick up on that 3rd part I'll have to redo the 1st two parts as I've recently had some data loss while trying to repartition my external HDD using a re-partitioning utility that had not let me down before... So, the amount of work involved in creating that part 3 of 3 would largely surpass my free time for a lot longer. Not all is lost however as at least I can read my own articles and recreate it: that's one nice side-effect of blogging about something! :)

On another different note, is it my impression or the Windows Live Writer beta 2 (which I installed after finishing the previous 2 posts), lost the spell checker?? I could swear there was an option to spell check in the previous beta!


TDelphiHobbyist said...

No comments, on your previous two posts, "can" be a good thing ... :)
Both are a great read BTW. I'm interested in the topic, but it's not something I'll be working to implement any time soon.

I expect you already have but I'll ask anyway. Have you tried any of the WLR code snippet Plugins? There are a couple of them:


Fernando Madruga said...

Thanks for your words Dave, and no, I had not yet checked out the available plugins for Windows Live Writer (work, 6 month old daughter, wife, 2 cats and some laziness!).

I'll give it a check though should I find the time to post some more code! :)

Unknown said...

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