Delphi 2007 in a RADical build - Part 1.1

Well, after a sour harm, I went to a niece's birthday barbecue party on Saturday and something I ate didn't quite fit in... Not that it physically impeded me of writing, but with my stomach as it was plus the usual side inconveniences, I simply didn't want to be at the computer...

But, I'm better now (even though not 100% yet), so I'll get along with writing Part 2, so that one should be ready sometime today.

As for the .1, you may want to give a go to nLite (http://www.nliteos.com); it allows you to make a tinier OS. I gave it a quick spin and it appears to work ok, but haven't tested exhaustively, so use at your own risk (that's one of the beauties of VMs: you can test things out without too much hassle...)

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