RTFM - Read The Forgotten Manual

Actually, it's more about "Read the forgotten Readme"...

Recently, I've had a couple small issues with Delphi 2007 or I tried helping some people with some other smaller issues. It turns out that by simply reading the Readme (not just skimming the topics as I did, but actually reading it!), I could find quite a few answers to quite a few questions/problems!

If you're like me and in time have "forgotten" to read the readme's, try to take them for a spin... :)

BTW: Before someone points out the true meaning of the F in RTFM, I'm well aware of what it is... ;)

Edit: Thks for the comment, Steve. Here's the clickable link for the Updated Delphi 2007 Readme.

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Steve Trefethen said...

Here is my updated version of the readme which I plan on continuing to add content to as time goes on: