Delphi 2007 - Updating install files

A small tip just learned...

I've been doing some experimentation installing Delphi in various Virtual Machines to test some things, and in the process, I tested another one: replaced the provided QualityCentral.exe (broken, v1.0.1.20) with the fixed and updated v.

Guess what? The installer didn't complain, even though the files are different sizes... When I moved that cache to another machine and installed from there, I got the updated version installed as part of the normal setup.

This is good because my future installs can now install the working version of it instead of the default one!

You probably can get away (haven't tested) with modified source files too, so should you "patch" some source file, remember to try and update the cached version. If you install from DVD, and assuming the DVD has all the files plainly available, try to make an ISO, update the file, and install on a VM to try it out: wouldn't be surprised if it worked just fine... (Again, untested as I didn't order a media kit, and since ISO downloads are only available for those purchasing the media kits...)

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