CodeRage Encore - Another view

I know many people, especially CodeGear employees, will be blogging about this, so I decided not to write about the event itself, but rather show some statistics that I compiled during those 24 hours.

The last 2 hours were in Japanese. For those, around 50 users were online which, discounting CG staff and a couple "foreign" viewers like myself, accounts for over 40 Japanese viewers. (More on that later).

For the first 22 hours, there was roughly a total of 142 different viewers, being the peak at any one time at slightly over 80. Of those viewers, here's the country roundup (after discounting CodeGear employees and presenters/moderators):

Undetermined 32
USA 17
Other 14
Japan 12
Germany 10
Sweden 10
UK 8
Netherlands 7
Italy 4
Australia 3
California 3
Canada 3
New Zealand 3

The difference between Undetermined and Other is that the 1st category is for those who either used cryptic names or about whom I could not find enough information on the web to determine where they were from. As for the Other category, includes countries with only 1 or 2 people, like my very own Portugal.

These numbers are just estimates and you can see there is a large number of Undetermined, so that could "turn the tables", but I think they do give a nice idea of who were the early adopters of Delphi 2007 (as this was a closed conference for Delphi 2007 registered users, users with current SA contracts or which had already ordered but not yet received Delphi 2007).

You can see from the table above that the Japanese are on the front line: in their "own" session, they clearly outnumbered any other single country! Also, quite a few (those listed on the table above) attended the English sessions too making them 2nd only to the USA!

Disclaimer: like I said, those results were compiled semi-manually (I ran a SHIFT-PRTSCR around every 30 minutes on the participants list, which was what I had assigned the "Capture Text from Window" option in SnagIt), then I copied all that into a single file that I sorted and used to gather more information on the web. I could have taken the time to write a small program for automating it but I was feeling lazy! :) Besides, the hardest part was finding information on *where* those people where from, and that is something I could not automate in a reliable way...

So, this was an alternate view of the event. As for what was there, there will surely be a lot more people blogging about it!

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