Delphi for Win32 - Part 2

Well, while I keep waiting for my Delphi for Win32 code to arrive, what else can I write about?

I can start with a word of warning for "wanna-be" ESD users: make sure your C: partition has plenty room available. And I don't mean a DVD-Size type of space, but at least twice as much!

Actually, I don't yet know, for the reason mentioned above, what exact space is needed, but I did run the installer and allowed it to fetch the pre-reqs (essentially .NET 2.0 SDK, hereafter referred to as simply SDK). That's pretty much all I can do until the code arrives, so I took a look at my C: drive. It was a bit of a shock to see that I had lost 1.6 GB of free space in my C: drive!


To keep it simple, 600 MB for the SDK install files that the Delphi installer caches under Documents and Settings, 600 MB for another copy of that file that is simply copied inside a "Microsoft Visual Studio 8" folder in My Programs, and the same contents but this time after extraction partly to Program Files and partly to Documents and Settings.

That's a whole lot of space! And I've yet to start downloading Delphi's own setup files! I wonder if I have enough free space on my C: drive to continue the installation.

And, of course, it's also worth mentioning that of those SDK files actually installed, around 400 MB are pretty useless to me and to pretty much every Delphi for Win32 user: they're the .NET documentation files...

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