Delphi for Win32 - Part 5 - A new beginning

Well, after I finally prepared my dev machine intentionally without the .NET 2.0 Framework, I was once more ready to install Delphi 2007.

In doing so, I discovered that I had previously used an "incomplete" ISO for the install, hence the (non-problem) I reported of it trying to re-download the files. I'll re-install it again shortly, after restoring my pre-Delphi ghost image just to verify that.
[Edit: Well, I tried it again and found out that it wasn't my fault after all! The current installer requires the files on the folder pointed with the red arrow on one of the images below.]

The install process is divided into 3 parts:
- Detect/Download/Install pre-requisites (.NET 2.0 Framework, SDK and J# Runtime);
- Enter your registration data and make your selections;
- Download/Install the CodeGear related files.

As for the install options, here's what you have available in the Professional edition:

And here's the disk space used by the download and install:

As you can see from this, the install files (cached on the folder pointed to by the arrow), use roughly 1.4 GB. To that, you add approximately 1.5 GB of Microsoft related stuff (.NET 2.0 Framework, SDK, SDK install files, .NET 2.0 help files (part of the SDK but worth mentioning the waste of space when installing a "for Win32" type of development app!).

All in all, of the 2 GB needed (not counting the install files), only less than 700 MB are used by CodeGear: the remaining 1.4 GB is "spent" by Microsoft Runtimes, SDKs and tools.

For those more inclined to go and add all the bytes: the values above are approximations, give or take a couple hundred MB! I'm just too lazy to do all the math properly! :)

One nice thing about the install process: part 3 (the one where it installs CodeGear stuff), only takes around 4 minutes on my machine if you already have the files downloaded! Very fast indeed...


Fernando Madruga said...

Note to self: use this tinyurl to refer back here: http://preview.tinyurl.com/3a3ebr

Anonymous said...

I'm assuming that one can safely delete that folder once the software is installed, particularilly if you have the DVD version.

No wonder it took so dang long to install on my VPC dev setup. Oy. (like over an hour)

Fernando Madruga said...

On my main dev machine I deleted all folders inside the one pointed to by the arrow and also "C:\Program Files\Microsoft Studio 8\Microsoft .NET Framework 2.0 SDK - ENU". I left the files in that 1st folder mainly so as to be able to run the auto-update checks.

I don't know how it will behave when an update is available! It may as well want to re-download everything, seing that it has no folders there! :)

Also check my other post about getting rid of the .NET help if you don't need it...