Delphi for Win32 - Part 9 (How I like "clear" messages!)

In my setup, after installing Delphi for Win32 2007, I removed the installation folder from my C: drive (that's "only" 1.6 GB of data that does not need to be there). I always do a ghost image, so adding 1.6 GB of needless data (+another 600 MB for the .NET 2.0 SDK install files that get duplicated elsewhere), would simply mean that my image would use twice as much space for no good reason. (See my post about the install and disk space usage)

However, it turns out that Delphi is trying to somehow, for some reason (check for updates?), load the setup.exe file as you can see from the message below. Double clicking on that "weird" message ("The window does not have scrollbars") does show a more clear message of what's going on, but wouldn't it be better to just say "program not found" instead of "The window does not have scrollbars"??? :)

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