Delphi for Win32 - Part 10 (Go CodeGear!)

I've been blogging my own experiences on the brand new Delphi 2007 for Win32. Overall, it's been a nice experience, with some bumps, and the initial shock of it not being perfect...

However, I must now put out a good word for CodeGear staff: both DavidI and Michael Swindell helped me get it ordered on the first "official" day it was out, meaning that I was installing it on the 2nd day (not as good as the claimed "Instant Gratification" of ESD but not nearly as bad as waiting 2 or 3 weeks for some DVD!).

And now, I was also pleasantly surprised when I checked on the 18 QC reports I made about Delphi 2007: (Whoa! 18? Yep, but almost all were just minor nuisances and only a couple were more troublesome and even those were easily overcome.)
  • 8 of those were already submitted internally;
  • 2 were closed as "Cannot fix" (the ones of a "Visual Studio 2005" folder showing up on "My Documents" whenever you run the help and about a "Help improve visual studio" message that popped once);
  • 1 closed for being "As designed" (Empty toolbar "Personality" showing up by default, when this is a "single" personality product);
  • 3 other closed for "Cannot Reproduce";
  • That leaves only 4 with no other indication.
Overall, this means that someone has actually done some preprocessing on those reports only a few hours after they were added to QC. I hope this will translate to faster hot-fixes, but it does show one thing: CodeGear may not have it perfect yet, but they do show they're trying...

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