Delphi for Win32 - Worldwide ESD Purchase?

I haven't tested this (other than seeing that the link works), but I received as an answer to my question of whether I could purchase the ESD and download it even from Portugal. Oddly enough, I received an answer that links to the Latin America Borland Shop.

I am already waiting on my already paid ESD from my local distributor but those of you out there stuck without a way to buy the ESD online may want to give it a try.

Here's the link: Delphi for Win32 ESD Worldwide Purchase.
[EDIT] At least one UK user tried and he could not make the purchase from there. Either someone thinks that Portugal is part of Latin America, or I don't see why they sent me that address to make the ESD purchase!]

Please post a comment stating your experience with that if you use it.

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Fernando Madruga said...

According to one user's feedback, it seems not to work, at least for UK, so probably not for other regions/countries as well...

Not that you're missing much: my 1st impressions with the product were not that good... I'm returning my PC to a clean image of some time ago before installing BDS 2006 just in case it's some leftover that is breaking D2007, but I'll blog about that later.